5 Lacoste Women’s Perfume Recommendations Worth to Enter the Collection

Perfume is the need of women who want to complement their style and grooming with an attractive scent. Marshalova must have also felt the same need after finishing dressing up. Having a collection of perfumes can give you more options when you need the final touch of makeup in the form of the scent of the perfume. The Lacoste women’s perfume collection can be an option to obtain a refreshing elegant scent.

Lacoste Perfume Collection for Women

Lacoste is a leading fashion brand from France that has a wide variety of products from clothing, shoes to perfumes. Lacoste’s big name is a guarantee of products with exceptional quality. Having a collection of Lacoste women’s perfume can give you a lot of ease in choosing a fragrance that suits your fashion choices or events that you will be attending. You can actually also add to the collection with men’s perfume since Lacoste also has many great products to target male consumers.

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Lacoste Perfume Recommendations for Women Worth a Collection

Here are some lacoste perfume products for women that are quite easy to get and can be for your collection. Lacoste has women’s perfume products with similar scents, but each perfume still has a distinctive highlight scent that produces different shades.

Lacoste L12.12 for Elle Sparkling

lacoste women's perfume

This lacoste women’s perfume product has a scent with a floral fruity gourmand theme. The aroma of this perfume comes from a combination of mandarin oranges, apples, blackberries, macarons and some spices. The result is a fresh aroma with a refreshing hint of spices. 

The durability of this Lacoste perfume is quite good so that you can use it when active outdoors. Perfume with a 90 ml packaging bottle you can get for around Rp899,000.

Lacoste Sensual Lacoste Water

lacoste women's perfume

This perfume also has a refreshing sweet aroma because it is made from a combination of natural ingredients. The combination of blackcurrant, pink pepper, turkish rose, gladiolus and sweet pea scents produce a fresh scent that is perfect for women’s perfume. The durability of this perfume is also quite good because it can stick to you for 6 to 10 hours. 

Similar to the previous perfume, Lacoste eau de Lacoste Sensuelle has a price tag of around Rp430,000 for a 90 ml bottle.

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Lacoste L.12.12 for Elle Elegant Woman

lacoste women's perfume

The next Lacoste women’s perfume recommendation is L.12.12 pour Elle Elegant Woman. This perfume has a fresh character scent that comes from a blend of pink pepper, citrus, lily, mimosa, violet and cassia. 

The fragrance resistance of this perfume is also quite strong so that you can use it when active outdoors. This perfume can enter your collection by paying a price of around Rp210,000 only.

Lacoste L.12.12 For Her Natural Woman Toilet Water

lacoste women's perfume

This elegant lacoste women’s perfume product has a characteristic sweet aroma with fruity nuances. The aroma of this perfume comes from a combination of pineapple, mandarin orange, raspberry and orris leaves as well as several other aroma sources. The result is a non -stinging aroma and a natural sweet impression. 

This perfume with a long aroma resistance is very suitable for everyday use. You can get this L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural Woman eau de Toilette for around Rp430,000 for a 90 ml package.

Here are 5 recommendations for Lacoste women’s perfume products that can be included in the Marshalova collection. Look beautiful and elegant with a refreshing natural sweet aroma can add to your style even more sparkling!